View a message's edit history

By default, you can view the edit history of any edited messages that you encounter. Note, however, that Zulip allows an organization administrator to disable message edit history.

  1. Hover over a message to replace the message's timestamp with its message actions, represented by three icons. From the icons that appear, select the down chevron () icon to reveal an actions dropdown.

  2. Click on the View edit history option from the actions dropdown.

  3. Upon clicking on the View edit history option, the Message edit history modal will appear.

Message edit history

Message edit history modal

The Message edit history modal shows all edits to a message, sorted from earliest to latest.

Each entry in the Message edit history modal has the following properties:

  1. Highlighted differences (additions in green, deletions in red) between the previous message edit and the current version.

  2. Timestamp of the message edit.

  3. Author of the message edit.

To exit the Message edit history modal, simply click the x () icon in the top right-hand corner or the Close button in the bottom right corner.