Message a stream by email

You can send a message to a stream by email by following the following steps.

  1. Find the relevant stream on the Streams page. You can search for specific streams by entering the name of the stream in the Filter streams input.

  2. Select the stream that you want to message by email in the streams page; the right side of the Streams page, labeled Stream settings, will now display the selected stream's settings.

  3. To send a message to a stream by email, simply send an email to the stream's email address displayed in the Email address section. Your email subject will become the message's topic, and your email body will become the message's contents.

  4. After you send an email to the stream's email address, your email will be forwarded to the stream and sent as a message.

This feature requires server-level configuration in the EMAIL GATEWAY INTEGRATION section of /etc/zulip/ On a server that hasn't configured this feature, the Email address section will not be displayed.