Deactivate your account

We'd be sorry to see you go, but you can follow the following steps to deactivate your Zulip account.

  1. Go to the Your account tab of the Settings page.

  2. Click the Deactivate account button on the bottom of the Your account section.

  3. After clicking the Deactivate account button, a modal window titled Deactivate your account will appear. To confirm the deletion of your account, click the Deactivate now button.

    Note: Any bots that you maintain will be disabled when you deactivate your account.

  4. After clicking the Deactivate now button, you will be logged out and returned to the Zulip login page.

Please note that you cannot register a Zulip account using the email address of a deactivated account.

In addition, if you're the only administrator in the organization, you cannot deactivate your account; you need to make another user an administrator first before you can deactivate your account.

If you regret deactivating your account, you can ask a Zulip organization administrator to reactivate your account.