Send a group of people a private message

You can easily send a new group private message through the compose box.

You can view your group private messages conversations by clicking the Private messages filter in the left sidebar or a group under the Group PMs section in the right sidebar.

  1. Click the New private message button located in the compose box at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Upon clicking on the the New private message button, the compose box open, showing the one or more people... and Compose your message here... inputs.

    Private message

  3. In the one or more people... field, input all of the usernames or emails address of the users you want to send a group private message to. When you begin typing an email address or username, autocomplete suggestions will appear.

  4. Enter your message in the Compose your message here... field.

  5. Once you have finished completing your message and adding the recipients, you can now send your message to the specified group of users by pressing the Enter key or clicking the Send button, depending on your settings.

You can always cancel your message by clicking the x () icon located at the top right corner of your compose box or pressing the Esc key.