Create a stream

Streams can either be public to anyone in the organization, or require an invitation to join. Organization admins can always see the names and membership of invite-only streams, but cannot read any of the messages.

If you are an administrator setting up streams for the first time, we highly recommend reading our guide to streams first.

Create a new stream

  1. Find the relevant stream on the Streams page.

  2. Click the plus () icon to the right of the Filter streams input.

    Note: If you do not see the plus () icon, it is probably because your organization's administrators have disabled stream creation for ordinary users. If that's the case, then you need to ask them to allow ordinary users to create streams, or you will have to ask an administrator for help creating each particular stream.

  3. After clicking the plus () icon, at right side of the Streams page, labeled Create stream, will now display options for creating a stream.

  4. Enter the title of your stream in the Stream name input. If you designate your stream as public, the Stream name will be displayed under the Streams on the left sidebar. Your stream name must be unique to all other stream names and can be no longer than 60 characters.

    You can optionally enter a brief description of your stream in Stream description to give other users a general idea of what's being discussed in your stream. The description can be seen under the stream name in the stream overview.

  5. The Stream privacy option controls the privacy of your stream. There are two options:

    • Anybody can join - This option makes your stream public and accessible to all users.

    • People must be invited - This option makes your stream private. Only users you invite will be able to access this stream. Only the creator of the stream can invite new users this stream.

  6. If your stream is public, you can choose to alert users about the new stream by clicking the Announce stream checkbox. Users who have been added to the new stream will always be notified, but if the Announce stream feature is enabled, all users will be notified of the stream's creation.

  7. To automatically subscribe a user to your stream, scroll down to People to add and tick the checkboxes with the names of the users you want to add.

    To search for specific users, enter their usernames in the Filter names box.

  8. Once you are ready to create your stream, click the Create button. The stream will now appear in the left sidebar for the users that you subscribed.