Send a new stream message

Follow the following steps to send a new stream message.

  1. Click the New topic button located in the compose box at the bottom of your screen. The compose box will open, showing the Stream, Topic, and Compose your message here... inputs.

    Stream message

  2. In the Stream field, input the name of the stream you want to send to. When you begin typing a stream name, autocomplete suggestions will appear.

  3. Once you have entered the stream name in the Stream field, enter the topic for your message in the Topic field.

    Note: Your topic name can be no longer than 60 characters.

  4. Enter your message in the Compose your message here... field.

  5. Once you have finished completing your message and adding the recipients, you can now send your message to the specified stream under the specified topic by pressing the Enter key or clicking the Send button, depending on your settings.

    Whether or not the Press Enter to send option is enabled, pressing Ctrl + Enter or Tab then Enter sends a message, while pressing Shift + Enter inserts a new line in your message.

You can always cancel your message by clicking the x () icon located at the top-right corner of your compose box or pressing the Esc key.