Add a link preview

Note: This feature can only be controlled by server administrators.

Link previews are a way to see an overview of a link's content before clicking on it. Previews can provide a useful summary of the content of a site before you click on it, while also providing a quick integrity check to ensure the link you meant to post is in fact correct.

Link preview example

Follow these steps to enable link previews:

  1. Open the zproject/ file in the Zulip directory. !!! tip "" To learn more about the settings and how to configure them, take a look at this documentation

  2. Search for the line with the attribute INLINE_URL_EMBED_PREVIEW and set the value from False to True to enable the embed preview feature. Setting "INLINE_URL_EMBED_PREVIEW" to true.

  3. Restart the server to apply the changes.

Multiple link preview example

Zulip currently supports up to five link previews per post — only the first five link previews in the message will be shown.