Configure authentication methods

Note: This feature can only be controlled by organization administrators.

You can configure your organization settings to allow users to authenticate themselves using passwords, Google/GitHub OAuth, LDAP (currently on premise only), and/or various other SSO methods (also currently on premise only).

If you are unsure about what these mean, don't worry! Zulip allows logging in via email and password by default.

  1. Go to the Authentication methods tab of the Manage organization page.

  2. Toggle the checkboxes next to the following options to configure your organization's authentication methods:

    • Email - Use an email and password created on Zulip to log in.

    • GitHub - Use GitHub accounts to log in.

    • Google - Use Google accounts to log in.

    • LDAP - Use a LDAP username and password to log in.

    • RemoteUser - Use a Single-Sign-On system to log in.

      Not all methods will show up by default. To enable more methods, modify the AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS list in the /etc/zulip/ file.

  3. Click on the Save changes button to save any changes you made to your authentication methods.