@-mention a team member

When having a conversation in Zulip, it is sometimes necessary to call the attention of another member. You can @-mention (alert) other users by mentioning them in the body of a message.

Please note that you cannot @-mention users when you edit a message, since they may have already read the message.

You can view any messages calling your attention by clicking on the Mentions filters in the left sidebar.

  1. Compose a new message or reply.
  2. In the Compose your message here... field, type @ followed by the email address or part of the username of the user you want to @-mention. When you begin typing an email address or username, autocomplete suggestions will appear.

    You can type @**all** to mention everyone subscribed to the stream you send the message to.


    Once you select an autocomplete suggestion, the name or email address of the user will be replaced with @**name** where name is the name of the selected user.

    If you attempt to @-mention someone who is not subscribed to the stream in which you're posting the message, Zulip will ask if you would like to subscribe the user to the stream.