Rename a stream

Note: This feature can only be controlled by organization administrators.

Follow the following steps to rename existing streams in your organization.

  1. Find the relevant stream on the Streams page. You can search for specific streams by entering the name of the stream in the Filter streams input.

    If you wish to see streams that you aren't subscribed to, click on the All streams tab; the tab will turn gray upon doing so.

  2. After selecting a stream, the right side of the Streams page, labeled Stream settings, will now display the selected stream's settings.

  3. After making sure that your cursor is hovering over the Streams Settings section, scroll down to the Administrator settings section. This section shows all stream settings that can be modified by an organization administrator.

  4. Locate the Rename stream, and type in the new stream name in the Rename stream field.

    Your new stream name must be unique to all other stream names and no longer than 60 characters.

  5. If your stream name is valid, clicking the Rename stream button will save your changes.