Add an alert word

Zulip allows you to define alert words and phrases that notify you as if you were @-mentioned by another user whenever the alert word is included in a message sent to a stream that you are subscribed to.

Highlighted message

Alert words will be highlighted within messages, and you will be alerted in accordance with your notification settings.

  1. Go to the Alert words tab of the Settings page.

  2. In the section labeled Add a new alert word, input the word/phrase you wish to be notified for into the New alert word field.

    Alert words/phrases are matched case-insensitive, which means you don't have to care about capitalization when defining them.

  3. After filling out the Add a new alert word field, click on the Add alert word button.

  4. Upon clicking the Add alert word button, the defined alert word will appear in the Add a new alert word section, confirming the success of the addition of the specified alert word.

    An alert word can be removed by clicking the trash () icon to the right of the particular alert word.