Check whether someone is here or away

You can check a user's status, represented by little circles to the left of a user’s name, in the user list located at the right sidebar by default.

  • A green circle () means the user is “active” — the browser has determined that the Zulip page has “focus” at the moment on the user’s computer.

  • A white, circle () means the user is not active and was not recently so.

  • An orange half-filled circle () means the user is “not active” but was recently so.

You can also view a user's status by hovering over their name in the user list.

If you have messaged users in a group PM, their names will appear at the bottom of the right sidebar. In that case, a pale green circle () means that some were recently active but currently inactive, while others' statuses are unknown. A regular green circle () means all users in the group PM have been recently active.