Change your language

By default, the Zulip UI is displayed in English. However, Zulip has full support for internationalization, and the UI has been translated into many other languages. You can see the Zulip UI in other languages temporarily by modifying the URLs using the appropriate language code, e.g. /ru/ for Russian.

Additionally, you can change the default language in the Zulip UI for your Zulip account using the following procedure.

Warning: Because for languages, only some of the strings in the Zulip UI have been translated, you may still see English words interspersed throughout Zulip.

  1. Go to the Display settings tab of the Settings page.

  2. Next to the Default language heading, select the [Change] link.

  3. After clicking the [Change] link, a modal window will appear with all foreign languages that Zulip supports along with their percentages of translation support. Select your desired language from the window.

  4. Once you select a language, the modal window will close. Zulip will be displayed in the language of your choice after you reload the page.

You can help translate parts of Zulip by signing up for an account at Transifex.

If your entire organization speaks a language other than English, an administrator can set the default language for new users joining the organization