The Zulip team

Learn about the people behind Zulip!

The core team at Kandra Labs

Over 350 people have contributed to the Zulip codebase, from high school students to 30 year industry veterans, from people launching new careers to people looking for community. Meet the leadership below!

Tim Abbott
Founder and project leader

Before Zulip, Tim was a founder and CTO of Ksplice, which provided rebootless linux kernel updates (a feat many previously thought impossible) to over 100,000 production servers. He was also the youngest ever Architect at Oracle, one of the most senior engineers at Dropbox and has been active in the open source community for over a decade. Tim has three degrees from MIT, and lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.

Rishi Gupta
Brock Whittaker
Steve Howell
Full Stack
Greg Price
Boris Yankov

Kandra Labs

Kandra Labs provides commercial Zulip hosting and on-premise support at, and employs the core developers of the project. It was started in June 2016 to help sustain the growth of the Zulip project. Kandra Labs is funded by an SBIR grant from the US National Science Foundation.

Our amazing community

While the team at Kandra Labs provides important leadership, Zulip is built by an incredible distributed community of developers from all around the world. You can read about the project's history if you want to learn more about Zulip's origins.

Here, we recognize the top contributors to the Zulip server project on GitHub. Zulip's community is unusual in how many people outside the core team have made major contributions to the project.

Statistic last updated: 2018-05-07