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Zulip combines the immediacy of Slack with an email threading model.
With Zulip, you can catch up on important conversations while ignoring irrelevant ones.


Tired of important discussions being disrupted by automated messages, lunch plans and random links? With Zulip, each conversation has its own thread. Looking for a conversation from two months ago? Zulip's fast and powerful search experience will delight you.

Share content with drag-and-drop file uploads, link previews, and inline images.

Fully Featured

Zulip has everything you want in group chat. Apps for the iPhone, Android and desktop. More than 80 integrations (GitHub, Jira, Stripe, Zendesk, etc.). Keyboard shortcuts. Emoji reactions. Translated into a dozen languages.

Need anything else? We probably have it.

Apps for every platform

Zulip has modern apps for every major platform, powered by Electron and React Native.




Open Source

Zulip is 100% open source software, built by a vibrant community of hundreds of developers from all around the world. With 100,000 words of developer documentation, a high quality code base, and a welcoming community, it’s easy to extend or tweak Zulip.

Zulip has a significantly larger and more active development community than other modern open source group chat solutions like Mattermost, Rocket.Chat, and

Choosing Zulip over Slack as our group chat is one of the best decisions we've ever made. Zulip makes it easy for our community of 1000 Recursers around the world to stay involved, even years after their batches finish. No other tool has a user experience that scales to a community of our size.
Nick Bergson-Shilcock, founder and CEO, Recurse Center

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