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Zulip Cloud


Try Zulip for an unlimited period of time

  • 10,000 messages of search history
  • File storage up to 5 GB total
  • Convenient web service
  • No sysadmin work required


Make Zulip your home

  • Full search history
  • File storage up to 10 GB per user
  • Full access to enterprise features like Google and GitHub OAuth
  • Priority commercial support
  • Funds the Zulip open source project
per active user, per month
$80/year billed annually
Zulip On-Premise

Community support

Install your own Zulip server

  • Easy self-service installation
  • Free and open source forever under Apache 2.0 license
  • LDAP/Active directory integration
  • All Premium/Enterprise features included
Free and open source forever


For mission-critical installations

  • Easy self-service installation
  • Support response SLAs
  • High availability assistance
  • Input into the Zulip roadmap
  • Funds the Zulip open source project
Pricing varies with support required

Frequently asked questions

Do you have special plans for open source projects, non-profits, groups of friends, and other non-commercial entities?

Yes! Zulip Cloud Premium is free for open source projects and a wide variety of non-commercial entities. We also often offer steep discounts to educational institutions, and in other scenarios where users are not being paid a salary. Just contact and we'd be happy to discuss your situation! You may also be interested in Zulip for open source projects or Zulip for working groups and other part-time communities.

Does Zulip scale to a large number of users?

Yes! Some of our biggest fans have hundreds or thousands of users, including Fortune 500 companies like Akamai, and open source communities like The Recurse Center. If you'd like to see a large Zulip in action, the Zulip community server has thousands of accounts and hundreds of weekly active users, and is run on a single machine with 8GB of RAM.

Can I pay by credit card and/or invoice?

You can always use a credit card to pay, and we can bill by invoice for amounts over $1000.

Do you prorate accounts that aren't being actively used?

Yes! We don't want to charge you for a service you aren't actually using. We prorate by the day, and only charge for a user if they have logged on in the last two weeks, even if they haven't explictly been deactivated. If you start on the Premium plan and drop to Free, we will credit your account for the time you have left, that you can use when reactivating your Premium plan in the future.


Feature Zulip Slack Mattermost Hipchat
Apps for every platform
Hundreds of integrations
Hosting available
Emoji reactions
Markdown formatting
Topic-based threading
Lightning-fast search
Free and open source See below*

* On Mattermost's licensing: The components of Mattermost are, technically, released under various open source licenses. However, Mattermost's licensing and trademark policy forbids redistributing patched versions of Mattermost without renaming the project. This means, for example, that projects like Debian will never be able to include a Mattermost server package.