The best chat for workplaces

Make better use of your managers' time, integrate your remote workers, and replace your low-content meetings

Zulip's threading allows asynchronous discussion to happen over chat, which completely changes what chat can be used for in a company. Zulip's threading allows managers to weigh in on discussions even when they can only check in once a day, it allows workers to participate in discussions even when they live in different time zones, and it allows neighboring teams to keep tabs on conversations that might affect them.

Communication is at the core of the operation of every large business. Many senior personnel spend most of their days in meetings, and many decisions have to bubble up a management chain because employees on the ground don't have enough context. Employers also lose out on remote talent because communication with remote team members is too burdensome with their existing tools.

No chat product comes even close to Zulip in terms of enabling serious discussion, engaging remote participants, spreading knowledge to neighboring teams, and making efficient use of managers' time.

If you haven't read why Zulip, read that first. We've also collected a list of features we think will be of particular interest for companies using Zulip.

On-premise and in the cloud

High quality export and import tools make it easy to start with Zulip in the cloud, knowing that you can move to a on-premise deployment (or back) if your budget or security needs change.

No vendor lock-in

Zulip's license (Apache 2) and published code base means you will always be able to run Zulip on your own servers, for free, forever.

Highly customizable

In addition to Zulip's well-designed API and extensive integration library, Zulip's codebase is easy to get into. With over 100K words of developer documentation, 93% test coverage, full static typing of our python codebase, and world-class tooling, Zulip's codebase is a pleasure to work with. Just ask any of the hundreds of developers, including high school students, who have contributed significant code to Zulip!

Previous corporate users have added LaTeX support for discussing academic papers, authentication protocols for integrating with a custom SSO, and an artificial message delay feature for emergency training. Think of a product you use every day at work. What would you change about it if your dev ops team could have a go at it for a week?

Scale to thousands of users

Zulip teams are still snappy at thousands of users.

Hundreds of integrations

Get events from GitHub, Stripe, Travis CI, JIRA, and hundreds of other tools right in Zulip. Use topics to give each issue or decision its own place for discussion. Link to tickets in external sites with custom linkification filters like Z1234 for Zendesk ticket #1234.

Rich message formatting

Zulip's chat-optimized Markdown helps you express your ideas clearly with bulleted lists, code blocks, pasted screenshots, uploaded files, and more.

Easy authentication

Restrict sign-up by email domain, use a single sign-on solution, or send invitations by email.